Choosing Creative Letterhead Sample Template Designs

Back to the old days where your address, name and detailed contact on the top-right space in your correspondence known as the letterhead. Currently, letterhead becomes the visual art gives the first impression about who you are, why you do it and what you do. Whether you have a fast-moving startup or professional finance provider, then your letterhead should reflect your brand identity creatively. Nowadays, the letterhead is not only printed stationery – this is also nuanced and looks for the overall page. There are so many Examples Of Letterheads online and you only get a bit of adjustment.

Several keys to designing a creative letterhead

The keys to making a creative letterhead:

  • You have a solid framework, as mentioned before that your design should reflect or express who you are, not who your designer. Come from the colors to the layout design, your brand personality should be clear in each element of letterhead.

  • Ensure that you have a well-designed logo in letterhead, there are so many letterhead sample templates and you will see how a strong logo make each letterhead looks so unique and appealingletterhead sample templates

  • The consistency of your document, you can keep your marketing materials stay consistent. Your template must be tamper-proof to avoid the rough fonts, the logo stretching, and the discord colors

Before you get some ideas of letterhead visual, there are several fast tips about how to keep the brand consistency when making the letterhead and how this article helps you to narrow down the process.

Fill up your letterhead with white space

If the whitespace in your sheet looks too pale or even plain, then you can add a background image to add the visual appealing that you need. Ensure that design contains contrast so that your text is easy to read.

Get zebra crossing

If you only have a printing budget, even you can still go with the black-and-white design. It is very easy to make the layers with some elements. In this example, your logo in the top layer will live on the top of your background so that it is very easy to pull off and drop your logo anywhere in your sheet.

Get season spirit in your sheet

Whey you stick on same letterhead the entire time when you can play with the holidays? You can bring smile to your receiver with the unexpected feeling in your Examples Of Letterheads.