4 Easy Steps to Create a Letterhead Template Word

Rather than suddenly making the letterhead when you are creating a letter or email, it is better to have a ready-to-use template. Then, you can just save and use it anytime you want. Interestingly, the process of making a letterhead template Word is very easy. In the program, there are even features for automatic letterheads. So, do you want to know how the steps are? Check them out.

Open a New Document

Let’s assume that there is no email or letter that has been ready. This way, you need to open a new document. Well, it is very easy and anyone must know how it is; just double-click on the Microsoft Word icon. After the new black has been ready, click “Insert” tab on the “Header” menu. On the menu box, there are some options appeared, choose “Edit Header”. This way, the upper area of the sheet, there will be dotted lines with the word “Header”.

Type the Header’s Content

After the blank for header has been ready, you can just type the content there. There are some important points to include in the header. They are the personal or company’s name. Then, it is followed by the address, email address, and phone number.

Sure, out of those points, the name is what must be typed in a bigger font. In the case of a company with a logo, the logo must be presented there as well. It can be placed before name anyway. For a better result, the logo must be in the PNG format. The logo can be inserted by copy-pasting it to the Word document.

Edit It

After all the points of the letterhead template have been typed there well, you still need to edit them. Since the header is your business representation, it must be made as neat and interesting as possible. For example, when you are editing the logo, you may utilize the “Wrap Text” feature. Therefore, the logo can be placed well whether in front or even behind the text. It depends on your necessities.

Save It

After editing, you can just take a look at it one more time. has it well built? Or is there still something looking weird? If you think it is okay, you can just save it. Next time, when you need to make a letter, you can just type it down under the letterhead template Word.