Personal Letterhead : How to Create a Good Personal Letterhead

A personal letterhead is actually not much different from the professional one. There are only some points to exclude so that the final result doesn’t look too formal. Meanwhile, you can create it through various programs more easily. One of the most common programs to create it is Microsoft Word for sure.

Although it is optional, the presence of a personal letterhead is still important. It is mainly if you want to talk about something important related to business in your letter. Meanwhile, you are writing it while not under a certain company. So, do you want to know the steps to create it? Check them out.

What to Include

In general, a personal letter letterhead doesn’t need to have complete information just like the business one. There is basically only one important point to include there. It is your name. The name itself should not be a complete name; there is only the official name consists of the first and surname. If you want to add further information, it must be the most important one. For example; they are your website, email address, or phone number only.

Mentioning your home address is not really recommended for this. But if for some reason you must type it there, you must do it in brief. For example, it is by mentioning important points of the address like the area, number, and city. When your address has a particular state, you can just type the abbreviation in the letterhead layout.

Create the Design

After knowing what to include, it is the time to create the design. If you are good in the graphic design, you can just directly apply it on your computer screen. But in case you are not experienced enough, draw the design prototype on a sheet of paper. Then, bring it to the expert and let him or her finish it for you.

The design is freer compared to the letterhead of the professional fax cover sheet. There are not too many strict rules about how the design should be. You can apply anything you want based on your own characters. But if the letterhead is also functioned for your personal business, make sure that it represents your business well. It is starting from the font and details. For a personal letterhead, a logo is indeed not one of the requirements.

Add the Details

After the primary letterhead is done, it is time to add some details. The details here are basically not about the letterhead anyway but things that surround it. For example, it is related to the border, lines, or ornaments around the letterhead. For a more professional personal letter, the details are enough only in the form of lines. They are available in Microsoft Word and other graphic design programs. But sure, you can explore your creativity by adding some more ornaments. They can be circles, squares, and more.

About the details, they are all about whether you want the letter look professional and mature or not. If you are teenagers who want to pour your letters with the cartoon letterhead, it is not a big deal at all. That can even make your letter, in general, look more attractive.

Create the Letterhead using Microsoft Word

Let’s assume that you are still a beginner in term of lettering. This way, it is quite impossible for you to create letterhead using programs like Adobe or Canva. Microsoft Word is considered the easiest program for you to apply. Moreover, this program is common to have by everyone.

To create a letterhead in Microsoft Word, you may use the options of Header and Footer. This feature enables you to insert almost anything including text, pictures, numbering, and more. You can even style the font more using Word Art. So, are you interested to use this program for a letterhead? Follow some steps below.

First of all, open the program on your PC. There are also similar programs in Mac and others with a similar function. The features are almost the same as well. Once you are opening the program, there are various menus available. They are File, Insert, Home, Design, Page, Preview, and more. After seeing those menus, you can directly go to “Insert” menu.

Second, after entering the menu, there are more icons displayed. The icon names and positions can be different depending on what Windows you use. But whatever they are, the icon to click is just the same; it is “Header” icon.

Third, again, some other options are available for you. They are basically related to the design of the header. For your letterhead, you can choose one of them you like the most. You should not worry. Although the heading options in Microsoft Word are closed, they are designed for all styles. Some of them look simpler, clearer, more mature, and more professional. On the other hand, some others are cute and rousing, suitable for teenagers and young women. Sure, there are also the letterhead templates free also to download and apply.

Fourth, after clicking one of the options, you may type down the letters. After editing them several times, it seems you have found a letterhead that you want. The next thing to do is typing the content of the letter and then sends it.

Other Programs for Letterhead

Sure, Microsoft Word is not the only program you can use for creating a letterhead. There are some other programs available including Corel Draw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Adobe Indesign, and more. But compared to Microsoft Office, those programs are indeed more difficult to use. So, you may need to take a small course so that you can be really talented in it.

Although the programs are more difficult, the results are undeniably far better than using Word. Moreover, those programs give you chances to openly design the letterhead without depending on the templates available. This is how to create a good personal letterhead anyway.