Company Letterhead Format: What Should be Included?

company letterhead is what people would see for the first time when they get correspondence from your corporation. In this way, the letterhead should be able to represent the professionality and credibility of your company. When designing a business letterhead, there are some things that you should include in the format. What are they? Well, here are the pieces of information you should attach in yourcompany letterhead format.

Sole Trader’s Information

It can be said that a business letterhead also functions as a marketing tool to promote your brand. In this way, it is very important to put information related to your company in the letterhead. First, you should put your name on it. This is very useful to help you grow a personal bond with your clients. You also need to include your business’ name in the company letterhead format. This is particularly important if you use other than your legal name when you are trading. Another information that you should provide in the letterhead is your business address and phone number. This is aimed to make it easier for your customers each time they want to contact you for business reasons.


Once you have done with the information related to your sole trader, you also need to include the one related to your company’s partnership. Make sure that you put the name of your important business’ partners in the letterhead. If the list of the partners is too long, you can choose to state the name of companies joins in the partnership simply on a website. You can recommend your clients to visit the website address if they want to overview the name of your partners. It will be more practical and simpler.

Limited Company

The company letterhead format also should contain information about your limited company. Make sure it includes the legal full name of your company as well as the registration number. The legal full name is usually ended with “ltd” or “limited”. This is also important to state the place where your company is registered. The next information you should include in the letterhead format is the registered office of your company. If you have registered your business, you will get a VAT number. Don’t forget to include the number in your letterhead format too.