Designing Official Company Letterhead for Beginners

A business letterhead is often seen as a “small thing”. However, it has a huge impact on your business and brand. In this way, it is very important to create one that can attract people attention. But, creating a good letterhead can be very tricky for beginners. Well, just take a look at the following official company letterhead tips to help you get started your design.

#1. Select Two or Three Contrasting Colors

The first useful tips for beginners who want to design a business letterhead is by picking up at least two or three contrasting colors. If you tend to use a template to help you design the letterhead, you can add different contrasting colors to the header, border, and even the body text. Don’t be hesitated to use bold contrast colors for the design since it is now one of the biggest trends of graphic design of the year. For instance, you can try to combine two shades of blue and yellow to help you create a harmonious vibrant color scheme.

#2. Place the Logo Near Top of the Letterhead

The next best tip to create an amazing official company letterhead is by positioning the logo of your corporation near the top part of the design. This is aimed to make sure that the recipients of your letter will soon recognize the brand of your company. In this way, the goal of the letterhead for your company’s marketing tool can be achieved. You can use color accents that fit the logo of your company to incorporate it with the letterhead design seamlessly. For instance, if your logo comes with white and purple color, you can incorporate it a purple address section to create a good combination

#3. Provides a Colorful Border

The next thing you should do is adding a colorful border to the design of your letterhead. You can use a hade like charcoal or grey if you want to make a more subtle border. However, if your intention is creating striking communication with your clients, you can use a bold color for the border.

#4. Geometric Shapes for Striking Header

The next tip for creating a stunning official company letterhead geometric shapes to create a striking header. You can draw line filling in the sections by using contrasting colors. Another tip is that you add some textures to the shapes you have created.