Top 5 Company Letterhead Template Word 2007 for Your Business

Creating a business letterhead is not as complicated as you think. You can even complete the task simply by using templates such as company letterhead template Word 2007. You will find it easy to use the templates. Additionally, there are a lot of template options that are available for you to pick.

How to Use the Template

The template Word 2007 can be used to create both a business and personal letterhead. The templates come with a lot of interesting features to allow you to design your letterhead in much easier ways. There are some simple steps that you have to follow in creating the business letterhead. Here they are.

  • Open a Document

The first thing you have to do is open a blank document available in MS Word.

  • Company Name

The next thing you should do when using a company letterhead template Word 2007 is positioning your business name on the top part of the document.

  • Company Logo

If you have already had a logo for your company, you should also include it on the letterhead. Position the logo just next to your brand name.

  • Contact Information

Put your contact information such as phone number, company address, and email address on the bottom of your letterhead. Then, save and print.

Best Company Letterheads in Template Word 2007

To help you narrow your option, here are 5 best company letterhead template Word 2007 designs for your business.

  1. Small-Scale Business Letterhead Template

This design will be perfect the most if you are looking for the rightest letterhead for your small business. The design allows you to add your company’s logo and name as well as contact information in a unique way.

  1. Simple Doctor Letterhead Template

If you are a doctor or medical practitioner, this template will be super useful for you. The design is not only formal to improve your credibility, but also elegant.

  1. Professional Security Letterhead Template

If you are currently running a security company, you might need to consider to use this template. It comes with a professional-look design that will be suitable for your security agency.

  1. 4.    Standout Legal Letterhead Template

The design allows you to put your firm’s name and logo on top of the document. Meanwhile, the other information can be placed at the bottom of the letterhead.

  1. 5.    IT Company Letterhead

The design of the letterhead makes it possible for you to customize the detailed information about your company in an elegant manner.

company letterhead template word 2007

company letterhead template word 2007


Company Letterhead Template Word 2007