Creative Letterheads and Stand Out Letterhead Designs to Inspire You

Even if you have never written a letter by your hand, even the typed fonts will look more intentional and wiser when the top part has the standout and creative Letterheads. So, for business, the letterhead which shows your branding will give you another way to impress your clients and make your company becomes more memorable. The fun thing of making your letterhead is that it can be applied more than just letters, such as email, digital documents, invoices, newsletters and so on. All of them can get the benefits of a well-designed letterhead.

If you are not using where to start when designing your letterhead, then you can check these design tips and effective resources below.

You can play with your branding

Of course, you can include your logo in the letterhead, especially if it uses for business. However, you can think of other ways that you can do to integrate your branding creatively. You can use the part of the main icon inside your logo for letterhead and business cards. This smart way can do two jobs at the same time – the company’s color display in the parts as the interesting design element and the brand image will be more emphasized in the best way that does not look forced. You can check for personal letterhead.

Always keep your design simple

Although you want to emphasize your brand like a previous point, you do not want to make it in such a way which can disturb the attention of the content’s document/ you need to keep your letterhead stay clean while still use one or even two colors from the main accents. So, there are many creative ways to emphasize your brand.

You need to make it beautiful and stand out

If you want to make your letterhead stand out, then you need to use a printer which can accommodate special effects on your letterhead. For example, you can use the printer features with the full-bleed and make your letter looks like a metallic ink to get a distinctive look.

You need to use space well

You may think that the letterhead design place in top part means that there is the fast or strict rule for it. You can utilize the four sides of the paper so that it sets with additional information such as location, contact information and company tagline for Creative Letterheads.