Important Points in the Free Letterhead Format Doc

In a business or formal letter, there are some important parts that must not be missed out. One of them is the letterhead. Undeniably, a letterhead indeed has some functions on the letter. It is to give brief information about the company.

Besides, when the letterhead is typed well, it can also be used as a good company representation. To make a letterhead, there is a default format to follow. Some points are important to include making it way more formal. What are those points?

The Company’s Name

In a business letter, it must be clear who the sender is. Even if you are sending the letter personally, there must be the name stated on the top of the letter. Of course, a personal business letter still requires you to have your own name there. Whether it is the personal or company’s name, it must be typed using a bigger font compared to others. If your company already has its own company’s name design, it is what should be put there.

The Company’s Logo

Before or after the company’s name, the company’s logo must also be presented on the letterhead template. It is also possible to put it on the corner. If your logo must be put together with the name, it is okay. It means both are placed on the middle top of the letter. As the name, the company’s logo is the representation of the company. Therefore, it must be in the letter and should not be missed out.


Under the company’s name, there is the address of the company. There are many mistakes regarding how to type the company’s address. You may type the address completely and it spends too much space.

So, how is the method of typing the address well on the letterhead? You must type it as short as possible while still mentioning the information needed. For example, there are only the area or street’s name, number, city, and state. The state should also be typed with its code, not its complete name.

Email and Phone Number

Other important things are email and phone number. In this modern day, those two contacts are even needed more than the real address. So, you should not forget to mention them on your free letterhead format doc.