4 Programs of the Letterhead Design Software Free Download

Commonly, a letterhead is simply created using document software like Microsoft Word. Of course, it is not bad mainly if you are beginners who don’t have many experiences in it. But if you want the result to be different, you can try other programs anyway. Yes, there are some graphic design programs that are intended for the new designers. What are they? Here are some programs of letterhead design software free download.

Adobe Photoshop

You may wonder; is Photoshop really good for creating a letterhead? It is by remembering the fact that the software is mainly intended as a photo editor. The answer is yes, definitely. You can basically use this program to create anything. So, if your letterhead requires many illustrations and images that cannot be simply realized using Microsoft Word, you can open your Photoshop anyway. Then, with some features available, creating a letterhead template is much easier.

Adobe Illustrator

On a higher level, a letterhead is more than just a logo and words. There must be a good illustration behind. Moreover, it is if you need to create a custom letter sheet that is different from others. So, you can try to use it using this program. You should not surprised if the layout of your letter and email will be more attractive than others. To get the program free, you can try the trial version first. Well, to have it completely, the price is indeed more expensive.


Inkspace is known as alternative software for creating vector and graphic design. This program is compatible with various operating systems including Windows, Linux, and Mac. Although this program is intended for a professional programmer, it tends to be very easy to learn about and practice. Moreover, the interface and navigation are also simple and easy to use even if you are a beginner. So, if you use it to make a unique letterhead, it will be great but also not difficult at all.


Like Photoshop, GIMP is a kind of software developed to edit photos. The program is relatively new and open-source. It means that GIMP can be developed by anyone. Even if it is not as popular as Photoshop, the program is considered one of the best software with complete and easy features. For its goodness to create a letterhead, it is considered a kind of letterhead design software free download.