5 Best Job Letterhead Sample Template

When registering your job as a fresh graduate, creating a job letterhead is new to you. You want to make your application letter as good as possible.

In contrast to people who already have work experience. They are more concerned with the contents of their letters where they can provide information about what experiences support their profession. But they forget how to make their job applications interesting with job letterheads.

Here for you fresh graduate and professionals, you can find out how to make a letterhead job here.

How To Make A Job Letterhead

For making a letterhead you usually use footers and headers, but some people only make a header. That is not a problem.

You can create job letterhead with Microsoft word. Firstly, you can open a new document on the Microsoft word then begin to write a letterhead.

Letterhead position is usually in the middle. You can make your name clearly there and also the address and graduate of which college. You can modify it by using a font size that is clear and looks professional.

After that you can give your logo or picture to your letterhead. You do this by click insert picture and select your photo. You can enter your initials as well to make your letterhead more interesting.

Choose photos that are formal and good so you look like you are a professional. The picture you choose then adjust to the size of the letterhead. You can also resize if the photo size is too large. So that when you send your job application via email is not too heavy size.

Then do print preview to see the results of your job letterhead before printing. If it looks to your desire, then you can save it in your folder.

After that you can directly print it with a home printer. If you don’t have a printer at home, you can save it first in your email or your flash-disk to print at the nearest printing service.

Job Letterhead Sample

Job letterhead sample


If you don’t have much time to make your own work letterhead. We also provide it for you. This job letterhead sample will be your guide in making a good and correct job letterhead.

These samples let you know what points you need to pay attention when creating a job letterhead. Try to note what the contents are and how the fonts are used.

It is very necessary to make your work letterhead attractive. Because most likely your job application letter will be mixed with other applications, so make a different job letterhead and attract attention.

Make sure the company you are aiming for can read your job application clearly. So that they are interested in passing you to the next level until they are accepted as their employees.

We provide more than 1 job letterhead sample that you can make an example of in making your own letterhead.

Job letterhead template

Job letterhead template

Job Letterhead Example


Job Letterhead Example


letterhead job verification

letterhead job verification


In addition to paying attention to the job letterhead example, we also provide an example that is full of contents. So you can understand the whole part of your cover letter.

Because it would be useless if your letterhead is good but the contents are less interesting. You also need to complete your job application with good letter content.

The contents of a good letter is when you can write your work experience well, be able to give an explanation of your expertise in the field you are applying for, and you look optimistic in making the contents of the letter.

Don’t provide information that still raises questions and doubts from the company about your expertise and intentions at work. Because you will easily ignore them.

Especially if you are applying to large companies, then your letterhead and the contents of your job application is influental to pass to the next level in the recruitment process.

The best job letterhead is a simple but attractive letterhead. Of course you don’t need to make excessive job letterhead, just make it clear and look professional. It will show your seriousness in applying for the job.

Our job letterhead example can be your guide in making your job application more interesting. Too bad if you have a lot of achievements but you don’t have the knowledge in making a good job application letter.

The first impression you have when applying for a job is from your letterhead. Then make it as attractive as possible.


Try these our job letterhead guidelines. Because you will never know which company will accept you. Make sure you impress them with your job letterhead. Please feel free to make your job application with these various samples. It will help you to make the best version of you.