4 Important Things on Letterhead Design Ideas

On a business letter, a letterhead is definitely important. It has many functions mainly to let your company or business be recognized by others. Besides, it is also the representation of your company. Of course, you can basically put the company’s name and logo there.

More than that, there are actually some letterhead design ideas that should be applied for the best result. Well, more than just ideas, they can also be said as the principles of creating a qualified letterhead. Here are those ideas.

Clean and Simple

It is better to keep a letterhead clean and simple. Sure, cleanliness and simplicity must cover all aspects. They are including the font, details, and others. Even if your business brings out the classic image that is commonly full of details, for the letterhead, you must minimize them. As the frontliner, a letterhead should be able to attract the readers to read the letter more and more. If the first sight is impressive, it is much easier for you to reach the goal through the letter.


Even if you prefer downloading the letterhead template, make sure to choose one that is really readable. In many cases, the letterhead font should be small enough due to the limitation of space. However, it doesn’t mean that you can keep the font difficult to read. Moreover, it is by remembering that there is much important information presented on the letterhead. So, in case you need to make it small, consider using a more readable font.

Good Imagery

The imagery can be presented through the symbol or logo. But if your company doesn’t have any, it means you can add details or illustrations behind the letterhead area. Even if it doesn’t look too much, the illustration can be used in the entire letter. Just like the type of font chosen, imagery is needed to make the letterhead look more attractive as well as help you to show the company’s image well.

Details and Ornaments

Lastly, don’t forget about the details and ornaments. They can be in the form of images or illustration mentioned above. Besides, the details can also be in the form of the colors chosen. In general, details and ornaments must represent your company’s image. So, those are the letterhead design ideas you must apply.