4 Essential Points on the Official Letterhead Format

Different from personal letters that basically don’t have any official format, the business letter does. There are some important parts in the business letter indeed. On top of the letter, there is a letterhead containing the company’s name and contact details. Even if you send the letter personally, the letterhead should contain the sender’s name. Those are basically the official letterhead format. So, what are further details of the format? They are explained below.

Sender’s Name

It has been mentioned above that the sender’s name is the most important aspect of the letterhead. If you are writing the letter under the company’s name, it means that the company’s name becomes what to be put on the top of the letterhead. Meanwhile, for a business letter with you as the sender, it means you must mention your name there.

For a personal name, it consists of the first and surname. For you who prefer to download the letterhead template, make sure that the template supports those rules.


Next, you should not forget to mention your address. The rule is just the same as the sender’s name thing anyway. You can use the company’s address as long as the letter is the company’s representation. On the other hand, a personal address if you are representing yourself.

The address should be clear and complete but brief as well. Mention only some important parts like the number, name of the city, name of the state, and others. If it is possible, you can use the code or abbreviation.

Email Address

Email Address is one of the most important contacts nowadays. So, you should not forget about this one. The email address mentioned must be the official one. when you have more than one email address, mention one that looks more professional as well as more often to be used or often. Of course, for a business letter as the company’s representation, the email address to give is the official address of the company.

Phone Number

Lastly, there is the official phone number for your company. You can also mention your own phone number here. All the points mentioned above must be written clearly. If needed, you must use a type of font that is very readable even if the size is small. This is how you should write down the official letterhead format.