Letterhead Sample Designs and Templates

No matter what type of business letter that you have, it should be targeted on the specific groups or people. You need to ensure that it has a clear and brief purpose so that it is easier for you to ensure the reader to respond to your letter – no matter what your target and purpose. Therefore, it is safe to say that your business letter was considered as an important tool in your business communication. So, letterhead sample designs should include in your letter.

Nowadays, there are so many big companies choose to use a custom letterhead for the personalized purpose for their business interactions with clients and customers. While interacting and communicating are very essential in each business level – this is very important to find out that your personal letterhead also beneficial for small companies and it should not be limited for the big-scale companies. So, you can consider having a letterhead sample from many sources online.

Common types of business letterheads

This is no secret anymore that business uses different marketing strategies and communications every day. Since there are so many important roles which has been played in business letterhead, then essential details and designs will be noted by the readers. There are several types of business letterheads depending on their purposes in the business letter.

Standard business letterhead

This type of letterhead uses the layout, standard format, and pattern. It usually uses for service-oriented purpose and you may target the general participants. Sometimes, it includes the name, logo, and address of your company.

Custom business letterhead

When it compared to other types of letterhead – then it should be more specific in the subject and only come from one person. It often uses for communication purposes between offices. There are some elements included in the custom letterhead, such as address, name, and logo along with the business contacts and the sender’s name. Although it is pretty similar to the standard letterhead, this type includes the specific company departments such as legal and marketing. The custom letterhead will use when the business letter is specifically aimed at a specific individual or group as well.

Executive business letterhead

This type of the letterhead is also similar to the custom letterhead which available for the high ranking audiences. It is often used in the termination letter or employment letter. There are so many letterhead sample designs that you can choose now.