Letterhead Sample Text Designs and Branding Tips

The letterhead is printed heading to be used in your documents such as memos, letters, and notes, it also includes one that will make your document looks professionals and help to keep your branding always consistent. For example, if you want to reach your potential clients, then a letter with the letterhead sample text in the top will make your business feels more valid. If you want your brand looks more unique, then your letterhead should help you to looks stand out. If you send out the cover letter for a new job, then your letterhead can make you look more professional and authoritative as well.

You can choose two or even three contrasting shades

A custom letterhead is a chance to add a bit of color in your business communication tool. You can add the colors in your header, border and even important parts in the body text. You should not be afraid to use bold colors. Bright and contrast tones become one of the biggest graphic design trends that you can consider. You can choose the yellow tone in your business letterhead design and two blue colors to make a brighter color scheme. One of the best ways to choose the color selection is choosing two complementary colors.

Place the logo in the top and close to letterhead sample

The purpose of letterhead so that your branding can be recognized easier in all business communication. That’s why people usually put their logo in the top space of their letter. The simple way to combine your logo smoothly into your design is using the color accent which matches perfectly with your logo. For example, the white and purple tone in the letterhead template will complement the purple section in your letterhead along with accent text.

You can add a colorful border

So, you should not underestimate the power of a simple border. The border can bond your design along with a neat ribbon. For the smoother border, you can use the colors such as the charcoal tone or gray. But, if you want to get a striking communication, then you can choose the bold shade for your border. For example, you can take a bold route with the hot pink border inside.

Using geometric lines inside

We all know that simple geometric design is so appealing. They make your letterhead looks creative. You can make your geometric pattern in the letterhead sample text.