6 Best Microsoft Office Letterhead Templates : How to make letterhead templates in Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Office Letterhead Templates: Although making the template is pretty simple. But you need to get some planning as well. It will be helpful to use the blank sheet first and try to make your own design sketch. This thing will help you to choose the right starting header for you.

You should know that the elements can be so varied based on several things such as whether you are a company, individual or organization. For example, if you are working in the church letterhead, then it never has the slogan.

You can choose various Microsoft Office Letterhead Templates available. There are several things that you need to consider:

  • Logo

  • Slogan

  • Address

  • Name

  • Contacts

  • Website and email address

  • Memberships

  • Social media address, etc.

Think about your graphic

It’s very obvious that your logo and image will improve the design. But the image also can cause some problems as well. you may find that you get a great image. However, your printer cannot do it for justice.

Your printer is not good enough to show off your image and we all know how the images look different when the printer is running low, it should not happen in your letterhead template.

However, if you have a great printer, but the image file was not as good as it should be. Then the image that you pull down will get too much white space so that you need to adjust the image.

If you working for an organization or company, you need to check whether they have their identity.

Adding your image in the letterhead head

You can make a simple template and header will get your logo with a footer for the address. You can use Microsoft Office Letterhead Templates available online and choose which the best one for you. You can start with the empty word first, start to click “view” and choose “print layout”.

Then from the Insert menu, you can choose the header. Your Microsoft word shows you with the list of header styles. You only need to click what style that you want. When you are in the “design” mode, then you need to click “pictures”. If your image is too big, then you need to scale down it.

Of course, you need to preview your image to see whether if it is well-balanced in your Microsoft Office Letterhead Templates.

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