4 Smart Ideas for Personal Letterhead Samples

There are many ways to create personal letterhead samples. If in business letters, the letterhead must follow certain roles, you can express your personality in your personal letter. Even in the practices, personal letters don’t require any letterhead. Well, it is unless your personal letters have business purposes. So, are you interested to create a letterhead for your own personal letters? Some ideas below may inspire you.

Mentioning Your Name

If in general, you must mention your company or institution on your letter’s top, in a personal letterhead, you can just type down your own name. Sure, there is no need to type the complete name. Only having the first and surname is enough. Explore your relativity more by applying any font that you want. The most important thing is that the letterhead is still clearly readable. In case you have a certain job or position, mention it also under the name.

The Name’s Initial

Do you think that attaching a name is too common? Then, do you just want to try something different? Just like some firms out there, you can put on your name’s initial on the letterhead. For example, if your name is Jason Smith, type JS with a stylish font. Sure, you can also mention what it stands for just under the initial. It is quite easy to apply indeed. At the same time, the initial thing also makes your letterhead look more professional and creative.

The First Name Only

For a personal letter that is really personal, not containing any business matter at all, the first name only is a good idea. If your name is Michael Stanford, you can just type down Michael on the letterhead. It looks simple but also unique at once. It is not formal at all and this idea is often used when you want to send letters to your close friends or relatives.

Address and Contact

So, are address and contact needed in a letterhead for a personal letter? It is optional. So, it depends on your wants whether you want to mention it or not. In case you want the recipient to know information about you, typing the phone number or email address is enough. There is no need to mention your real address there. Those are the ideas for personal letterhead samples.