How to Create Personal Letterhead Stationery

While there are many places to download personal letterhead templates, it is still not bad to create them by yourself. Moreover, there are many programs that can support this activity. You can just choose it. Do you prefer a more difficult program with a better result? Or maybe, do you think that a simpler program like Word is better to apply. For beginners, creating personal letterhead stationery from Word is more recommended. It is quite easy and fast as well as the result can also be cool. So, what are the steps? Here they are.

Print Layout Mode

First of all, you must open the Word program on your PC. Then, make sure that the Mode View has been in the form of Print Layout. If it has not, you must turn it first by choosing a menu on the tab View and then choose the form.

Click Header Area

After the document has been in the form of Print Layout, double-click on the header area. It is on the top or upper part of your document. There is a dotted line that appears. This way, you have been on the editing mode of the document’s header. You can just start to create the personal letterhead starting from this point.

If the editing mode has not come out, put a check sign on the option of Different First Page. It is to create a letterhead only on the first page of the documents. Meanwhile, all the next pages are in normal conditions or without using a letterhead.

Start to Type

After the letterhead area is ready, you can start to type anything there. For the personal letter, letterhead should not be too formal for sure. The point that must be included is also fewer. Commonly, it is only your name. You can even only type your name’s initial only there. If you have your own logo, insert it on the area.

Embellish It

Sometimes, typing the name is not enough. You may need to add things to make the header look more beautiful. For example, it is by adding lines, squares, or other ornaments. After the embellishment process is done, make it neater using the menu available on the Word document. Click Save. Now, the personal letterhead stationery is ready to use.