4 Recommended Sites for Free Personal Letterhead Templates Word

Sending and receiving mails are still common things in this modern day despite using devices like the Smartphone. Mails and letters are mainly for business matters anyway. Although it is more practical to send messages using gadgets, it is not bad if sometimes, you write a personal letter to your friends or family. You can type it and send it both manually and via email.

To make your letter look better, it is recommended to apply a letterhead. Moreover, many free personal letterhead templates Word are widely available around. You can just download and use them as you want. Some sites are established to provide those templates. What is the most recommended one?

Template Office

Template Office or known also as Template.office.com is one of the sites you can visit. It provides many kinds of template for Word including the personal letterhead. Before starting to download them, see first the design and size through the preview available. The collections can be downloaded for free and they are also customizable.


Canva is the best site if you are not only preferring download but also edit or customize the designs. Numerous collections are provided whether for personal or business letterheads. The designs are attractive. You can choose one of them based on your taste whether you prefer the simple, cute, or in-detailed ones. Many other templates for lettering are available here also.


The next site is namely Templates.net. The collections of Word templates for letterhead here are indeed not as many as Template Office or Canva. But you should not worry since they are still really qualified. After downloading them for free, you can simply edit them as you want. Do you want the premium versions of those collections? Sure, you can just have them. But you may need to pay for the templates as well.


Lastly, you have Templatelab.com as a place to download letterhead templates. The free collections are also quite limited. However, they are made beautifully with high graphic designs. Those templates are recommended for various necessities whether for business or personal matters. Sure, if you want to use other collections, download the premium version ones. It is not only about the letterhead but you can also download templates for envelopes and others. They are with the same designs as the free personal letterhead templates Word.