3 Simple Ways To Make Your Own Fancy Letterhead

Fancy Letterhead: Until now, print letters still occupy important positions in the development of business and business relations. If you intend to collaborate with institutions, communities, or even clients, sending a printed letter is one of good faith that is worth a try. Compared to an email, a letter has a serious weight to show your efforts and respect for someone.

But don’t worry, even though it sounds worrying, you can still make your own Fancy Letterhead, here are 3 quick ways to become a pro at making printable letterhead!

Ways To Make Your Own Fancy Letterhead

1. Prepare the appropriate tools

The first thing you must do to make Fancy Letterhead is to prepare the medium. This medium besides contains ideas and creativity, also includes manufacturing tools. One important tool is the design software maker. There are many games that you can use and learn, from simple ones to those that have a high level of complexity. You can use the Microsoft Word application for a simple letterhead layout. You can also try Adobe InDesign if you want to use more options. Not only that, but you can also use QuarkXpress as a cheaper alternative. And there is also Adobe Illustrator for results that are no less good.

2. An attractive border design

The attractive and Fancy Letterhead does not have to be stiff, plain, and seemingly empty. Currently, you can make a variety of letterhead creations but still put the creative sides in it. This will only make your letterhead look very different and unique. One way to make this happen is to be creative with border designs. The border is the edge of the letterhead, which can change the atmosphere of your letter. This border selection is a little difficult, and needs caution, so as not to make your letter look excessive and tacky.

You can use border designs with bold colors, to give a firm and formal impression in a letter. If it is not too suitable, then you can also play soft and bright colors to produce a distinctive and creative letter impression. Creative use of color can add a prominent element to your design and attract the attention of readers. The border is the best way to do this.

3. Creativity in the header.

The header is the top part of a letter. The Fancy Letterhead you make can be even better if this part is adjusted accordingly. The style of the header you choose will determine whether the letter you make will be formal, informal, or semi-formal. The creativity in this header can be done by selecting patterns and colors.

Not that hard, right?

Fancy letterhead

fancy letterhead

Fancy Letterhead Example

fancy letterhead example

Fancy Letterhead Sample

fancy letterhead sample

Fancy Letterhead Template

fancy letterhead template