6 Free Medical Letterhead Sample Template

Medical Letterhead For Official Health Report Purposes

Based on the intended use, the medical letterhead is official because its layout is at the top of the middle of the letter. The use of letterhead is often linked to the health problems of someone who is undergoing treatment. When getting a medical letter from the hospital, then we will see a letterhead that contains full address details along with the name of the hospital listed on the letterhead. For other urgent needs, the letter can be used as a report to the place where you work that you are indeed sick or experiencing other health problems so you cannot work as you should.

Medical Letterhead Has Legal Force

This official medical letterhead is usually made to convey a written information about one related party to another party. In certain activities, the use of letterhead medical is very necessary as the validity of a letter and in it contains the strength of legitimacy of a strong legal entity. The use of a letter in which there is a letterhead medical in the health field cannot be replaced by other communication tools, because the validity of a health letter is due to the presence of letterhead, signature and official stamp from the relevant agency.

Examples Of Medical Letterhead Related To Government Agencies

Government-owned medical agencies engaged in health have a variety of types and a very large number, ranging from the village level to the national level. In connection with this, every medical institution has printable letterhead, each of which is adjusted to the identity of the medical agency. Here is one example of a medical letterhead that you can make as a reference.

Procedure For Writing Letterhead

When you work in a medical health agency, you will certainly be faced with making official letters using medical letterhead. In making letterhead, several points must be considered below. Which later on writing and formal and non-formal differences will be seen.

Letterhead must be completely written and contain the logo of the agency or medical institution, telephone number, address, fax and email address. Writing the name of the medical institution using capital letters. For each word that connects between words must be written using lowercase letters such as examples in or and. In making letterhead it is not allowed to abbreviate words. It is also not recommended to use P.O Box to show an address. You must add a colon if there is writing that contains a number. Place a colon after the words telephone, mailbox and others

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medical letterhead template

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