How to Make Stationery Letterhead

Stationery letterhead is all about your overall professionalism. This letterhead hold an important place as to how your clients, customers, or colleagues views your company professionalism. Thus, you have to make a perfect and classy stationery letterhead for your company. You could create your own printable letterhead rather than spend much of your money to order it. Through these several steps below you could create a great Stationery Letterhead for your company. Without further adieu, here are the steps:

Sketching your letterhead layout

Firstly, before you sketch your letterhead in MS. Word, you better be sketching it out on paper. Therefore, you could how everything is settled together. Be sure to make room for your company logo, name and other contact information of your company. You could also add your company tagline or slogan to your Stationery Letterhead.

Go to your MS. Word

 In MS. Word you will find all of the tools that you need to sketch your letterhead.

Open a new document and save it as a template

You could name your template whatever you want as long as you could locate it easily. Then, save it to your templates folder. Furthermore, you could open it up and print it whenever you want to.

Insert a header for your letterhead

When you work with word 2007 you could add a header to your Stationery Letterhead by clicking insert and header which later will create a blank header that will serve as your letterhead’s canvas

Enter your letterhead text and logo

Types your company name, its logo, tagline or a slogan if you wish. Don’t forget to add some contact information about your company such as address, phone number, website, and other general inquiry in the text box.

Adjust the size and position of your logo

After you insert your company logo, don’t forget to adjust it to the right position and to be the right size. Your logo has to be clearly visible and in balance with your letterhead’s text.

Consider inserting your tagline in the footer

If you don’t like your header of Stationery Letterhead look to crowded you could separate some elements in to your letterhead footer such as your tagline and slogan.  This way, your header and footer will balance each other.

Review your letterhead

After you follow all of the steps above, you need to  close your header and footer section of your letterhead by pressing the esc button. View your Stationery Letterhead in your full screen mode or you could view it through print or copy review section.

Save your letterhead

Last but not least, after you done creating your own letterhead and you are satisfied with it, you just need to save it. After that you could print your very own  Stationery Letterhead wherever you want.