STEPS ON How To Fill Out A Fax Cover Sheet

Let us not leaving the fax behind. In todays life style with everything being on line and the fast growing of delivery business, fax is still considered the best way to deliver documents with minimum risks. Before you send the document, you will have to send the fax cover sheet first. This piece is to give information about senders, recipients and the content of the documents. A cover sheet will certainly come in handy because not only it will tell you who send the following documents and who should receive it, it will help you determine what to do with them without reading the whole documents.

If you are unfamiliar with how the fax cover sheet looks like , you can easily find it on the web and there, many kinds of fax cover sheet you can easily download. And if you already had the cover template ,then let’s not waste time and go right on to the steps on how to fill out a fax cover sheet.


Open the template that you have downloaded , you can also get the fax cover sheet from your microsoft word. Just open the word and create a new document, you will find the templates there.


When you have the template in front of you, you can immediately put the recipient’s information. Put the name of the receiver after the word “To”, and so on, until you complete all information about the recipient.


Insert the sender’s information. Put the name after “from”, and not to forget,complete the details with phone number, email, and fax number. Make sure that all information is correct and nothing is left behind, because the last thing you want is the recipient to have no idea about who has sent the documents.


The fourth step on how to fill out a fax cover sheet  is complete the information . After “subject” you can fill in the brief description about the document, put the date, then if you have any addition, you can put it after “comments”, or “notes”.


Hit the “save” button and save the fax cover sheet in the designated folder according to your wish.

Whenever you fill out the fax cover sheet, you must be detail and double check the information. This is important especially if the documents you are sending is confidential and urgent.Now that you now the steps on how to fill out a fax cover sheet, you are ready to have your own fax cover sheet and send your important documents.

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