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Letterhead Paper Weight: Letterhead is about professional vibes. When you create a great and memorable letterhead it will make your customers and clients think highly of your company. Nowadays, you could designing and creating your printable letterhead on your own or order it online or offline. To create a perfect letterhead you should also consider the right paper for it. There are so many paper choice that could confuse you in choosing the right Letterhead Paper Weight for your company’s writing material.

Therefore, you should know better about types of paper, its use, and its weight to make a perfect letterhead. Here are several types of paper that could help you to have a better understanding about paper that should you use as your letterhead material:

How do I choose the types of letterhead paper weight ?

Coated Paper

This coated paper usually has smooth finish because it has coating in it. Furthermore, this type of paper is available in silk, gloss, matt, and satin. This paper usually is usually used as brochure and leaflets. This kind of paper also well known as art paper. Moreover, this paper can’t be used as your  Letterhead Paper Weight.

Uncoated paper

This kind of paper has less smooth finish because clearly it does not have coating. Thus, this paper is suitable for laser printing, digital printing and photocopying. The premium quality of this coated paper is good to be used for business stationery. Therefore, this paper is good for your Letterhead Paper Weight.

Laid paper

This type of paper has premium quality paper. It has textured pattern or sometimes parallel lines. This type of paper also great for stationery business.

Wove paper

This kind of paper also has a smooth surface and often used in stationery business.

Bond paper

This kind of paper is a cheap paper that made from uncoated wove paper. It is commonly used as photocopy or fax paper.

Paper Thickness

Usually paper thickness  is determined by its weight in grams per square metres (GM or GSM). The low grade photocopy paper usually around 80gsm, letterhead usually use papers around 100gsm and the good quality Letterhead Paper Weight is usually used paper around 120gsm.

How do I choose for the right letterhead paper weight ?

Generally, letterheads are printed on uncoated paper with 100gsm. However if you want the better quality for your letterhead you should choose uncoated paper with 120gsm to get a perfect Letterhead Paper Weight for your business stationary. Even though it is more expensive rather than the uncoated paper with 100gsm, but this paper is classier. Therefore, with this 120gsm paper your letterheads will be even more perfect and it can maximize your company’s professional vibes.

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