Family Reunion Letterhead

Designing Letterheads for Family Reunion

Letterhead is something that is placed at the top of your invitation. It is the headline that highlight the main purpose of the invitation. It helps your family to quickly notice what you’re trying to say.

When it comes to creating your own family reunion letterhead, you’ll need to be creative. Being creative doesn’t mean that you have to spend tiring hours just to find the perfect design. You can be creative with very simple designs that requires only a few monochrome colors. You don’t even need to be a master in drawing or designing, because there are countless letterheads that you can find on the internet.

But if you prefer something that is more personal, you can always create the letterheads by hand. Use colorful palettes, recycled ornaments, or any natural decorations that you can easily find in the front yard. By designing handwritten letterhead, you can make every member of your family feel special. It’s a good strategy to make them wanting to go to the reunion so badly.

The Use of Family Reunion Letterhead

Maybe you’re still wondering what’s the use of family reunion letterhead. As mentioned above, it plays an important role in grabbing your entire family’s attention right at the first glance. They’ll get the general idea of what is the letter they’re holding about.

Also, by the design of the printable letterhead, the receivers can tell how’s the concept of the party. For example, if you put a lot of colors in the letterhead, your family will be able to tell the reunion’s concept is fun and exciting. But if you use minimal colors and stick to a monochrome palette, people can tell that it’s a more intimate type of reunion party.

What to Consider When Creating Family Reunion Letterhead

There are considerations when creating letterheads, especially when your main goal is to make as many people as possible coming to the reunion. First, don’t let the letterhead leave no room for details. When making invitations, details is the most important thing. Such as information about the time of the event and the precise location. Don’t let the decorative purpose of letterhead take over the real intention of the invitation. Secondly, make the letterhead as the center of attention. Make people feel the excitement as soon as they see the letterhead, by the design of your family reunion letterhead and make them want to go!