Things to Know about a Letterhead Receipt

What is the letterhead receipt? When you are buying something, you must get a sheet of paper with the details of the products you buy. The receipt is very important for both seller and buyer. It is to avoid any mistakes regarding the details of the product.

Since a receipt is also to let your customers recognize the company more, a letterhead is very important to add. So, what are the matters to consider about adding a letterhead on the company’s receipt? Here is the list.

Small but Readable Letters

A receipt or invoice is commonly in the form of a small-sized sheet of paper. Meanwhile, you need to type a table where the product details and prices are mentioned. This is how the letterhead seems to be difficult to add. But it should not be a big deal anyway. The letterhead template basically should not be typed in a big font. The small one is enough; just make sure that it is still readable.

The Company’s Name

The most important point in a letterhead is definitely the company’s name. It even needs to type down bigger than other parts to make the name readable. This way, when your customer read the receipt after a few times later, he or she can just know that it comes from your company. Along with the company’s name, there must also be the company’s logo.


Right below the company’s name, there is the address to be typed down. Well, the receipt can also work as the card name of your company. When a customer has a plan to visit it, he or she can just take a look at the receipt. So, make sure to mention the address clearly. At least, there must be important points to mention like the name of the area or street, number, city or town, and state.

Email and Phone Number

In this modern day, contacting a company doesn’t always mean to go to the address. Well, the customers can just simply make a call or send an email. So, it is essential to put the company’s email and phone number there. The font should not be as big as the name or logo. Sure, you only need to make it readable. Moreover, it is if the sheet of the letterhead receipt is small enough.