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Things to Apply in a Professional Company Letterhead

Company letterhead sample: Although technology is developed very rapidly nowadays, companies and organizations still use letters for professional communication. With a manual letter, it looks more formal compared to other media. Even if your company decides to send an email, there must be parts just like the conventional post mail. The company letterhead has become one of the most important aspects of it.

But undeniably, designing and implementing a letterhead in a company’s letter are not as easy as it seems. You should not pay more attention to the designs and information added there. Sure, the letterhead is basically more than just a part of a business or professional letter. it is also functioned to represent the company’s image. There are some important points to include in a professional letterhead. What are they?

Some Important Points to Include in a Letterhead


What is actually the function of a letterhead? It is to give information about the sender. It must include the company’s name, address, email, phone, website, and even the motto of the company. based on this fact, you may think that the company letterhead format must be really crowded. This perception is basically wrong. Although there are many things to include, you should make this area brief, short, and look compact.

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Simplicity is an important aspect in a professional or business letterhead. You basically need to make it as simple as possible while still able to deliver the message. Just like your company logo or image, the letterhead must be eye-catching. It is not bad to apply certain colors there. But it should not be too much and simplifying them a little bit is much more suggested.

Company Image

Many people think that inserting the logo is enough to represent the company’s image on the letterhead. Although the logo application is a good point, you need more. Make sure that the image of your company represents there in many ways. For example, it is by applying font, font color, and others that are really in line with your company branding and marketing materials.

There are indeed many contradictory things in the ways of how to make a company letterhead. At one point, you are required to simplify it. But on the other hand, you also need to apply some colors when your company has them for marketing. So, you must blend it wisely. How letterhead can be created in simple and memorable ways without lessening the concept that has been applied. It is even when the concept itself is too rousing.


Details here are not only about the letterhead but also all parts of the letter. Similar to the previous point, the details here are applied in order to represent the company image. Around the letter, it is not bad to apply something like a border as a sweetener. The border is again in line what your company wants to represent. If the company highlights go green and environment as the promotion media, the border can be in green color. Sure, it is supported by using an environmentally friendly paper.

Related to the company letterhead, the details are also about the lines below it. For this detail, it should have the same design as the border. For this matter, you may follow the simplicity principle mentioned above. It can be concluded that the details refer to things that surround the letterhead. They are applied to make the letterhead more eye-catching as well as represent the company’s image.

Information Optimization

A letterhead is basically the unity of the logo and information of the company. To optimize the information is indeed not an easy thing there. Moreover, a letterhead is required to look simple as well. So, how can you optimize the information that is probably not only one or two? First, in case that the company’s address is quite long, you must take some important points also. For example, it is the name of the street and area along with the number only. Besides, you can also only type the abbreviation of the states; not the entire name.

Second, today’s official company letterhead focuses on digital addresses more than the real one. It is particularly if your business’ products are also digital. So, it is okay to remove the real address on the letterhead. Meanwhile, the website and email address become the most important matters there. Third, if you are about to mention the motto, vision, and mission there, make it as brief as possible. Well, since the beginning, a company’s motto indeed needs to be short and brief but also memorable.

Sizes of Logo and Font

Simplicity of the letterhead is also influenced by the sizes of logo and font. The logo and font should not be too big or too small. More importantly, there must be proportional depending on the letter’s size. You should make sure that all the letters there are still readable well without filling in the entire upper part of the letter.

Still in terms of the font, avoid using a font that is too complicated. The simple and clear font is more recommended in so many ways. Even if your business has a classic image, it doesn’t mean that you must use a font with full of curves here and there in company letterhead template.

A Special Effect

For a professional business letter, consider creating a special effect on the letterhead area to make the letter look more attractive. Again, the effect can be adjusted with the company image you have already brought out.

There are many ways to create this special effect. For a mature and professional look, you can add some solid colors behind the letterhead. Even if you are an expert of this, you can apply the spot-UV effect on the design. It is able to reflect light very well and make the letter look gleaming but not too much. This type of special effect is definitely great for the company letterhead.

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