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Printable letterhead will help you to make an eye-catching letterhead for your letters. It will ease the process of making a good one. Still, you can always make letterhead for your business or company or even yourself. However, if you are still confused about what to include, you might need to read this article thoroughly. Feel free to check the community service letterhead as well.

Is Printable Letterhead Really Necessary?

Since printable letterhead is still everywhere on the internet – even we have a bunch of templates you can download on this site – it means that this thing is still relevant. In a world of text messages and emails, a proper letter with nice letterhead would look much more professional and nicer as well.

You can even make a resume to apply for jobs with a unique printable letterhead just like you brand yourself. The existence of letterhead until today is a statement that this thing will increase your business when it comes to creative communications. So, why is exactly letterhead necessary?

#1 Real letter means more

We cannot deny if an email is easy and convenient. However, making a real letter and sending it through the mail will mean so much to the receiver whether or not this is a formal letter. A letter also means that you care for the receiver. You can check out Wells Fargo Letterhead for an example.

Besides a higher level of personal matters, a letter with letterhead on it shows your customers (and future customers) some respect while you can earn their trusts along with your mailed letter. Letterhead should be professional and reflect the personality of your business. You can always adjust printable letterhead as you like.

#2 Better sales letter

We are here to change your mindset because a real letter with letterhead on it is such a powerful marketing tool. You can attach coupons and special offers along with other incentives that courage customers to take action.

The main purpose of letterhead is for two-way communications and you can always swiftly turn it into an advertisement too. The letterhead mockup is available on the internet so you know what to write for a different purpose.

#3 Establishes credibility

Letterhead letter means that you put information about your business or company on the very top position of your real letter. It allows customers and future customers to get in touch with you easily. On the other hand, it also reflects the credibility and competency of your business. Of course, it should be paired with some other professional-looking things like paper, stamps, and cuts.

You need to make an excellent execution so the printable letterhead could turn into the representation of how credible your company is. Still, you need to be highly careful about making any calculations. Otherwise, your company is the stake for sure.

Steps for Writing a Cover Letter Letterhead

If you need a letterhead for a law firm, you may consider searching the keyword of Law Firm Letterhead on the search engine. Internet is the perfect place to surf and find the good things you need. In this section, we are going to shows you the steps on making a letterhead. Or, you can simply check the McDonalds letterhead to inspire you.

#1 Choose a style

The first thing you should do is choosing a style or check out cool letterhead design on the internet. If you will make a letterhead for your resume, you need to make sure that it walks well with your resume paper. Bold fonts are highly recommended and make sure you choose the right text sizes as well. If the resume has a header already, make sure your letterhead matches the header.

#2 The position

The next step is choosing a position. Letterhead will contain your name, logo, and contact information. The logo is optional but it would be great if you have one. It makes you easy to be found by the recruiter. As we have mentioned earlier, it is better to be fit with the header so everything goes well.

#3 Standout

Also, make sure that your name stands out considering it will go in the first line of your letterhead. Look out for some letterhead ideas for inspirations. We highly recommend you to use bold or italicized text with a bitter bigger size. Choose fonts that are easy to read and look neat.

#4 Include traditional contact information

Basic information is needed when it comes to making a cover letter or resume paper. You will be expected to write down your city, state, and also your phone number. Put those things under your name sot the recruiter could find them easily. Many recruiters would schedule interviews by phone. Leaving these details would cost you a job interview.

#5 Write your email address

Letterhead images you may find on the internet might show some templates without email addresses on it. However, it is important to include your email address. You can put it right under your phone number in the header of your resume. We highly recommend you to use an email address that sounds professional. You can make a new one after all.

#6 Technology-based contact information

Even non-profit letterhead will include this kind of information. For example, you can include your online portfolio along with the LinkedIn profile. It will show that you are quite a tech-savvy that will bring you to the modern job market as well.

#7 Subject line

To boost readability, skip down one row to leave enough white space between the header of your cover letter and the subject line. Start with RE: which means “Regarding” and then followed by the position’s name you want to get. It makes the recruiter find the position you are into. Va letterhead could help you with that.

#8 Greet the recruiter

Using a classic yet formal salutation is highly recommended. You can start with “Dear” and followed by the name of the recruiter. It shows respect and follows the protocols if you are applying for a job even if you design your own letterhead. This is why you need to use printable letterhead in any situation.

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