20 Letterhead Sample Free: Why are Letterheads Important in the Business?

Nowadays, we can find many websites on the internet that offers a letterhead sample in various styles. The presence of a letterhead is essential when it comes to a business representation. It should look professional since it reflects the credibility and competency of a company.

In these modern days, many people prefer to send letters through emails but it has lost its effort somehow. So, if you want to have a letterhead for your company, you might try the letterhead sample instead. Examples of letterheads are widely available on the internet so it will help you a lot to get what you need.

In this article, we are going to learn why this letter is so important in the first place.

What is Letterhead?

So, what is a letterhead? A letterhead is usually the heading of a letter paper. As its name suggests, it is located atop the letter paper. Typically, a letterhead includes the attribute of a company such as a logo, name, address, and contact information.

A letterhead should act as a company pad so the letter paper looks so formal and much more professional. Other than for a company, churches also use letterhead for the letters. You can also lookup the sample church letterhead to get the idea.

Letterhead Sample Template

Business Letterhead Sample

Business Letterhead Sample 01

Business Letterhead Sample 01

Business Letterhead Sample 02

Business Letterhead Sample 02

Business Letterhead Sample 04

Business Letterhead Sample 04

Business Letterhead Sample

Where can It be Used?

People assume that a letterhead can only be used for a big company. However, a letterhead is used for various things as long as it is used for communicating between two parties. Even individuals can use letterhead for their needs. This is why you might also find a lot of letterhead sample designs for an individual on the internet.

Letterheads can be incorporated for various reasons, such as:

  • Sending meeting notifications or other notifications;

  • Writing an invoice;

  • Tendering inter-departmental statements and legal announcements;

  • Providing information related to your business to other parties.

Your workplace is not the only place where a letterhead is utilized. As we have mentioned earlier, your home can even be the place where you use the letterhead for a more personal purpose. Other than looking for a bunch of letterhead sample designs on the internet, you can try to make your own by using some online makers or editing programs.

Common Roles of Letterheads in Business Letters

Companies and corporations use letterheads for various reasons. This is why you might find tons of letterhead examples with logo everywhere. In this section, we will show you what the letterhead could do for a company or an individual in the first place. Also, you will find another reason why you need to make your letterhead even if you own small online business.

#1 The basic introduction

When it comes to the enterprises, a letter paper can be touted as one of the most significant printing collateral’s. A letterhead has become one of the most valuable documents since then. In essential, it contains a company’s logo, address, and other details that will be shown so beautifully.

Each company has different letterhead from another. It is used to spread the image of a company and distinguish a company for another in the first place. One of the brand’s basic goals is to be recognized by customers. This is why you cannot take the letterhead sample letter for granted.

#2 Legal documents

Another main purpose of letterhead for official documents. Since it is considered a legal document, anything should be more précised and professional. It represents the whole enterprise of a company such as meaning, significance, and priority.

#3 Professional implications

The number of a letterhead sample on the internet has shown how important a letterhead is. One of the main causes is that customers love to be formally greeted. On the other hand, letterhead reflects a higher level of professionalism.

The size of a company is not relevant but a letterhead will instantly measure the competency or a company. Without this element, a business letter will be bare and customers will ask about the ability of a company.

#4 As a salesperson

Other than a representation of a company, a letterhead also helps the company to promote itself. Readers need to be hooked by an eye-catching letterhead in the first place. Later, they can decide to keep reading the letter or not. For better insight, you should try to look for the letterhead sample text as well.

A letterhead would make the best impression of a firm with an excellent level of professionalism towards the readers. However, it can be gained by combining several aspects such as design, text, template, and so on. Think about how you brand your business and advertise it.

#5 Customer persuasion

The first impression is a crucial step. What people see at first sight will make or break them from keep on reading. The letterhead is the one that will catch the attention from the first glance, in this case.

People would feel safer and care more with letters presented by a nicely-presented letterhead. This is why the company is most likely elected when it has a proper business’ letterhead in the first place. The letterhead sample doc is available on the internet in case you need any inspiration to make ones.

When you make a letterhead, do not forget the sense of honesty, a clear overview, and reliability related to the vision of the company. A letterhead also makes a company’s brand looks more qualified and bona fide. Also, customers would be happy because it is sent from a real company and not a fraud.

#6 Marketing tools

Last but not least, a letterhead for a company is one of the most powerful marketing tools instead of the advertisement itself. A letterhead contains the logo of a company along with some other details such as address and contact information. It helps customers to get in touch with the company easily.

Depending on the goal of the resolution, design, and template, it can help as a powerful marketing tool. And this is why you use a letterhead sample in the first place.