What is a Business Letterhead ? 3 Best Example

What is a Business Letterhead?

As it sounds, business letterheads are the very first part of letters. Before writing down your purpose in writing the letter, business letterheads give your business partners a sense of formality, because in the things that are included in the letterhead. There are three main things that you should keep in mind when thinking of creating a letterhead.

Firstly, your letterhead should have your company’s name. It’s obvious that the first thing people want to know about your letter is who is the sender. But making your company’s name in a form of letterhead, will give make your potential business partner recognize your company. The second thing you should put in the letterhead, is you company logo. Your logo should go together with the name of your company. The third one is your company’s address and contact information. Make sure they’re written clearly.

The Importance of Business Letterhead

After knowing what is a business letterhead, the next thing you should know is why is it crucial to have a business letterhead. You need a printable letterhead because it gives a legal look to you letter, even without needing the receivers to read the letter. Your company’s name and logo play this role. They stress the significance and the priorities of the letter.

The next thing you’ll get from letterheads is professionalism. Your business partner is the one that you’d be working with and you need to grab their attention since the very beginning of your letter. Letterheads represent your company’s ability and competence. So, your potential partners will give more considerations when reading the letter.

Considerations When Making Business Letterhead

In addition to the importance of business letterhead, you should also keep in mind some considerations when creating letterheads. The size of your letterhead is the first thing you should think of. You don’t want to create letterheads that take up space, but you also don’t want the letterheads to be unnoticeable.

Once you’ve decided the size, pick a template. There are numbers of letterhead designs available online that you can choose and personalized by yourself. Make sure that your design is something that can be easily centered. One more thing to consider is the resolution. You need a resolution that maintain the quality of your letterhead.

Now that you know what is business letterhead, create one of your own and impress your business partner.


What is a Business Letterhead

What is a Business Letterhead


What is a Business Letterhead 01

What is a Business Letterhead


What is a Business Letterhead 03

What is a Business Letterhead