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How to Create a Proper and Attractive Business Letterhead

What do you think about a business letterhead? Yes, it is a part of a business or professional letter commonly placed on the top of the letter. It is not exaggerating to say that this part is very important. Particularly if you are on the way of developing your business, the letterhead can be a strategic promotion method. Based on that fact, since the beginning, you must determine the best business letterhead for your company.

Before creating the letterhead, you must keep these things on your mind. When the letters are related to the clients, all the details become very essential. They can be plus points for them and in contrasts. Following some tips below is necessary to get the best official letterhead templates.

Design the Format

Before starting to design it on your computer, it is much better to draw the format first using a piece of paper. Some points must be included in a good letterhead. They are the logo, name of the company, address, and phone. Sure, you can still put some additional points like motto and vision or mission. But no matter how many things to be placed there, make sure that the entire letterhead must look compact and brief yet readable and meaningful.

Insert the Logo Well

After dealing with the design on the paper and find the best one, it is the time to draw it on your computer. Why should you do it on paper first? Some of you may be not good in graphic design. Hiring someone to help you is the best choice. Therefore, the prototype of the design must be ready before bringing it to the graphic designer.

Whether you create the letterhead yourself or asking for someone else, you must insert the logo properly in the official business letterhead. In many cases, people just insert it randomly so that the entire letterhead looks terrible. Some mistakes commonly done are that the logo is too big, too small, and unsuitable color set up. Based on the graphic design experts, the most appropriate logo installment in the letterhead is approximately 300 DPI with TIF format and CMYK color code. It makes the logo as well as letterhead looks very good even after being printed out.

Optimize Information around the Logo

Next, what you need to do is optimize information around the logo. It has been mentioned above, you basically must put information as much as possible but still making it brief and compact. For a company’s letterhead, some important points to include address, phone number, email, and website. Meanwhile, if it is a personal business, you can add your own name there. Optimizing the information is to ease customers to contact you back.

Well, the next question is how to optimize it when information to include is quite many. There are some ways to do it. First, select the information. So that there are only the most important ones to include in the business letterhead. For example, there is only the company’s name, email, and website addresses for the online company. Second, you may use a kind of font that is still readable although the letters typed are quite small.

How to Create a Letterhead

Although you may ask someone else you create you a letterhead, it is still important to have enough knowledge about it. The easiest way is by using the Word program. First of all, you may create a new document in Word, then, click “View” and “Header and Footer”. Next, insert your logo by clicking “Insert”, “Picture”, and “from File”. When you are interested to add lines or colors, use “Drawing Toolbars”. Still in the same menu, you can insert stylish letters using “Text Box”.

Sure, there are some other programs that enable you to create more fashionable letterhead. They are graphic design programs like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Canva, and more. You may need to learn about it and practice it a lot more before applying it to a fancy letterhead. But sure, the final result will be more satisfying.

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The letterhead’s design is similar to your marketing material

The head of business letters must represent the company’s image. Well, it is so that your company looks more professional in many ways. That’s why; make sure that the letterhead’s design must be in line with your company’s marketing material. Yes, inserting a logo is not enough for this. You need more things to add there.

For example, there are types of font used, spacing, and more. If your business targets young adult customers, a kind of clean and minimalist font is more recommended to use in both the marketing stuff and letterhead. Meanwhile, if you sell vintage or classic products, it is not bad to apply classic font in the parts of the letterhead.

For a company business letter, it is actually no matter with the font to apply as long as it is readable and formal. It is different from academic letters that commonly require certain types of font. So, make sure to explore your creativity more with it. Not to forget, consider also your business type before creating the letterhead. Sure, a catering letterhead must be different from other letterheads like for medical, education, and more.

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Consult It to Your Team

The letterhead is definitely a significant thing to build up your business. You should not underestimate it from the first time it is started to create. It is necessary to have a team to consult the idea to apply. Even if the business is personal without a co-founder and employers there, you can go to a professional graphic design company to find some recommendations from them.

Based on the explanations above, it is clear that a letterhead is more than just a part of your letter. You need to brainstorm yourself before deciding the best one. So, are you interested to create your own business letterhead?

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